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NeuroVita Clinic


ZAO NeuroVita Clinic of Restorative Interventional Neurology and Therapy was open in May 2002 in Moscow, Russia. It is the first private hospital of 35 beds that specializes in the use of the interventional (low invasive) medical technologies of bioengineering and cell therapy for the complex therapy of cancer including neurooncology, therapy of neural diseases as well as for the restorative therapy and rehabilitation in the cases of oncological and neurological diseases. The first oncological, neurological and neurosurgical patients were admitted to the hospital September 2, 2002 and since, the hospital successfully provides the specialized medical service to the population of Russia, as well as to the patients from abroad.


By now, over 14 500 patients from 55 countries of the world have received their therapy in Neurovita Clinic.




The Clinic is licensed both for out-patient and in-patient assistance in the spheres of oncology, neurology, neurosurgery, endoscopy, radiology, general surgery, traumatic surgery, orthopedics, anesthesiology and intensive care, gastroenterology, urology, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, transfusiology and other.  The license is issued by the Healthcare Department of Moscow № ЛО-77-01-007170 on December 03, 2013. The Clinic has a special license, the License of the Federal Healthcare and Social Care Surveillance Service № ФС-99-01-005588 dated August 29, 2008 for highly technological medical assistance in the sphere of neurology, neurosurgery and for the harvest of the hematopoietic stem cells.


NeuroVita Clinic has its own facilities equipped with X-ray complex ItalRay (Italy), laboratory clinical, biochemical and immunological analyzers, mass-spectrometers (USA, Germany, China), Expert Class ultrasonography system Siemens (Holland), equipment for EEG cerebral mapping with evoked visual potentials (Russia), electroneuromyography machine including the opportunities for needle EMG and somatosensory evoked potentials study (Russia). The hospital has a broad range of physiotherapeutic equipment, including machines for high-frequency therapy, extremely high frequency therapy, inhalators, lasers, and systems for structural-resonance therapy, magnetotherapy, electrostimulation, transcranial magnetostimulation. The Pentek surgical endoscopic complex for gastrocsopy, colonoscopy and bronchoscopy (Japan) has been acquired and introduced into the clinical practice. The operating rooms of the Clinic meet all the sanitary-hygiene demands of the Ministry of Healthcare of Russia and are equipped with Dräger anesthetic apparatuses (Germany), surgery and microsurgery toolkits, coagulators and Pentero surgical microscope by Carl Zeiss (Germany). The intensive care unit of the Clinic has five artificial respiration units (USA and Finland), specialized beds for intensive care patients with pressure reducing support surface and bedside monitors (Japan, Germany).


The rehabilitation gyms of the hospital are equipped with various medical training simulators (Dikul’ units, WoodWay and Treadmill technologies, Motomed).



Home countries of the NeuroVita patients


The patients stay in single wards with specialized variable geometry beds (Italy, Germany) equipped with special bedside tables and devices to facilitate the movement of the disabled patients. Every room has a TV set, refrigerator, air-conditioner, bathroom for the patients with limited independence.  Some wards are equipped with oxygen and vacuum venting. Also the Clinic offers two-room suites with a drawing room to receive the guests and an appropriately equipped sleeping room for the patient and the personal nurse. Every ward has a special bed for an accompanying person or a nurse. Free wireless Internet access is available.



If the independence of the patient is limited, our hospital provides medical assistance as appropriate to the state of the patient. The Clinic is equipped with electrical devices to lift and to move severely disabled patients, wheelchairs and specialized mobile gurneys to move the patients in the grave condition even using the mobile medical ventilators.


NeuroVita Clinic is located on the territory of Blokhin Russian Cancer Research Center (the Center) of the Russian Ministry of Healthcare and, therefore, closely cooperates with the leading experts from the Center.  The highly technological diagnostic and therapeutic procedures that are unavailable in the Clinic are performed in the Center according to the appropriate agreement.

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Today cancer cannot be cured completely, but it can be transferred into a chronic and non-lethal disease, the survival rates can be significantly increased and the life quality can be improved. Alternatively, we can help provide a dignified departure from life, free from pain and humiliation.

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